Flu bugs lingering in the house:(

Past 10 days have been pretty challenging and exhausting for me as first Richard fell sick for almost a week and then just when Richard is recovering, sierra fell sick. :(This is the first time that sierra gotten so sick. She has fever, running nose, cough etc. She has trouble laying down to sleep, so for last four days, day and night, she just wanted me to carry her to sleep. When I tried to lay her down on the bed, she would wake up almost every hour. So is just very exhausting for me, with not enough sleep and no rest at all:(Was really depending on God’s grace and strength. God’s grace is indeed sufficient for us.

Thank God sierra is getting slightly better today, but still need lots of prayers for full recovery for her before our china trip on 2july. Will appreciate all your prayer for health for our family during this coming china trip.

Looks forward to see my girl back to her cheerful self again….it sure pain me as I see her suffering like that.

Oh one thanksgiving, this time in china, we will stopover at kunming for few days, and I thank God He provides us with a place to stay for free. God is indeed good all the time…:)

Will stop here and try to get some sleep before sierra wakes up again….have a good night rest everyone ……write more next time……