Just passing through

Looking back I feel as if the last handful of years has been spent in transition. I had a good couple of years doing language study and assisting in resource publications and radio programs as well as admin work for Target. Then I needed to split my focus because it was time to get married!

Thereafter the transition began for moving to Shangri-la….which took quite awhile do to getting business paperwork done. Finally we moved up – and suddenly it was time to go again.

We left for Singapore to have Sierra. In April of this year we reached the date where we intended to move back to Shangri-la. But something else came up – an opportunity to do some further theological studies at the same time as settling into a new church in Singapore.

Our time in China for the month of July was refreshing to me! Although it was only a ‘maintenance trip’ I enjoyed the chance to be back among the people, and food!, of China. Our goals were to refresh and maintain the relationships with the local and foreign friends and for me to help out a bit more with the business.

We had some excellent sharing times with our local friends and were able to encourage them (and in one case BE encouraged by them!). I was able to help out with the business especially with doing some major work on our web site. And we were able to observe that YES Sierra can handle the high altitude. Praise God!

Looking forward to when we can return and settle down there rather than continuing to just be passing through! 🙂