A Heroes Welcome

Hello, hello! It’s been awhile, November was packed with classes, December was spent on a trip to the U.S., and one week after returning we flew out to Cambodia for the better part of a week. Whew! Too much has happened to try and recount it all. Instead I’d like to share a thought that was impressed upon me during Sunday service this morning:

A Heroes Welcome

A Heroes Welcome.This is what our precious Lord Jesus deserves! Many times during Sunday morning service the room contains quite a few people who are mostly going through the motions. Now I’m not referring to whether or not they’re saved or questioning their commitment or motivation. I’m merely saying that I often observe a lack of expressed passion (this is the case in many churches I’ve visited).

In fact this also describes me from time to time. I listen. I sing. I pray. I think. But sometimes I don’t get excited at any point during the service.

This morning the Lord impressed upon me two pictures, one of a huge football stadium, the other of the streets of a small town.

The stadium was packed with people, but when the V.I.P. entered into the center to stand on the podium no one really seemed to take notice. There was a bit of a hush….But no one cheered his arrival. Many people continued to quietly chat with their neighbors. Few were really engaged.

The small town had people scattered along both sides of the main street, some standing, some in chairs. The sides of the street weren’t even as full of people as they could have been. A hero arrived, returned from war overseas. But no one was cheering. Many weren’t even paying attention. There was certainly no sense of excitement.

The point made to me was this: The Lord Jesus can be understood in one sense as a war hero. He went to battle for our souls. It was a very costly battle, but He won! We go to church believing the Lord is there with us. Yet often many of us don’t get very excited about it. A soldier returning home from a long and costly battle would be terribly disheartened to be received by a crowd of apathetic people. There should be applause and shouting and excitement! There should be joy and gratitude!

My prayer this morning in response to these two pictures is that the Lord would bring home this reality to me. That by His grace through His Holy Spirit I might become more passionate and excited especially on Sunday mornings. I want to give Him His Heroes Welcome.