Family update

Here’s the situation: Sierra responded very well to the steroid cream she was given to calm down the eczema. Within the space of fours day her skin was back to perfectly smooth baby skin!

However after discontinuing use of the steroid cream for a week she began to have her eczema flare up again.

For those who don’t know, continuous use of steroid cream is not very healthy and should be avoided if at all possible.

So here we are. My prayer is for God’s grace for Sierra. I don’t know whether that means complete healing (this is what I am still praying for!) or the ability for us to manage her condition for a time.

I (Richard) have already been back in China for about a week now. In one more week Cassandra and Sierra will fly back from Singapore and join me. In the mean time I’m keeping busy getting more involved with the business and will hopefully be able to take a bit of the load off of my partner Andy who has been running things single handedly for the last couple of years!

Clients on a horseback riding tour

Clients on a horseback riding tour