Letter to my princess: Happy 2 years old birthday

Dear Sierra
It is mummy’s goal that I will write a letter to you on each of your birthday:)you may not be able to read or understand what I am writing now, but trust some day you will be able to read all, and is my prayer that every of these letters will bless you much:)

A very very happy birthday my princess:)you are such a great joy, blessing, delight to pa pa and ma ma…..Never a day gone by without me so thankful to God for giving you to us:)Your smile, your laughter, your compassionate heart, your gratitude to us etc just so melt our heart….:)

This past months have been quite a lot of challenges for you: we moved to China, you got a serious viral infection upon arriving China, suffered from high altitude sickness, severe eczema outbreak, broke your collar bone etc….It just pained our hearts to have to see you go through all these one after another at your young age….But my sweetheart, despite of all these challenges, you proved to be one of strong character. Even though you were in pain, yet you still remained cheerful, joyful, at times you even encouraged us, comforted us. I am just so touched and blessed by you my sweetheart.

And especially past few months when you started to be more vocal and expressive with words, I just enjoyed every chatting time with you, listening to you. You are just so precious my girl:)

Thanks for all your kisses and hugs, saying ‘I love you’, thank you ma ma etc….you made everyday of my life so beautiful, colourful and meaningful:)thanks darling….pa pa and ma ma just loved you so much…:)

Know that God has a special plan in your life, and is our prayer for you that you grow more and more in the likeness of Christ:)

Love you, from ma ma