My daughter is an addict.

I love my daughter and that perhaps makes it even more difficult to admit that she has a problem, a very serious problem. It’s been going on for a couple years now. At first it wasn’t really noticeable. Then, not wanting to face reality, I more or less pretended that I didn’t notice what was going on.

But recently I came to the point where I couldn’t deny it any more. My daughter is an addict. Not to a new designer drug but to a drug that has been around for a long time. Oh, and I forgot to mention. My daughter is only two and half years old.

Now she’s been clean for three days. Withdrawal was the worst the first night. Shaking, crying, and screaming. For hours. No one got much sleep that night. The next night was better, only an hour or so crying. And last night? Five minutes of half-hearted crying only.

What drug was she on? Binkie. She was on binkie. I think the street name is pacifier. It’s been a rough road but she’s three days clean now and it’s getting easier every day.


Celebrating three days of clean binkie-free living with a tiramisu Hello Kitty cake