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Faithfulness. Throughout the Bible Abraham is noted upon for His faithfulness to God. Consider the three promises he received: his descendants, the land, and the nations. His faith was stretched waiting for his child by Sarah to be born. His faith was stretched waiting for Isaac to marry.

And his faith was stretched during the time that Rebekah was barren. God had promised him descendants but he waited many decades to see any hope of that being fulfilled. The land? The only land he received was that which he had to PURCHASE as a burial ground. And the nations were only a promise for him, nothing he actually saw. Yet now we see the faithfulness of God.

Let us be reminded and encouraged that all God’s promises WILL come to pass. And let us strive to be faithful even when it seems nothing is happening.

Hebrews 11:8-19“By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called…”(New Revised Standard Version)

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 Summer time tends to be pretty busy for us. Projects, work, connecting with people – it’s all happening!

I (Richard) brought the rest of the family over to China on the 1st of July. After getting visa’s for them we headed back home to Shangrila. It’s so nice to have neighbors who have missed us and who welcome us back!

Cassia, thank the Lord, has adjusted very well to the altitude here – no problems. Also I am VERY pleased to share that Sierra’s eczema has improved tremendously! She still occasionally requires medication but not nearly as often as before. We continue to trust for the COMPLETE healing.

Chery Tiggo

Our biggest news is also our most recent. We bought a used vehicle. After spending about 7 years in China it was time. While nice for family or ministry purposes, the main use will be for the business. It feels so good (and freeing) to have a vehicle again!

God answers prayer!!!!

Sierra - Wufengshan

Sister Mei

Shortly after we returned to shangrila, a local friend of ours called me (Cassandra) in the night, sounded very panicky, revealed that her mum in the village was in very critical condition and she was very worried that her mum may die…She was working at the time when she called me, and she asked if she could come over to our house immediately to talk and pray as she was just so so worried for her mum. She came and we spent over an hour comforting, assuring, and praying with her. At the end of the prayer time, we all felt very peaceful about the whole matter. She left and the next time she texted me saying her mum was in the hospital and the doctor said she was ok, and that she was recovering well in the hospital. Praise the Lord for His protection and answering our prayer!

Pray for sister Mei that she can continue to grow strong in the Lord. Her work is crazy, working from morning till night, she hardly has any time for fellowship with other christians.

Sister La20140731_124421_Android

We met with this sister for lunch few weeks after we returned. We have been meeting with this sister whenever we can to encourage her in her faith journey. She was greatly persecuted by her own family, relatives and her village people. We have been praying with her for breakthrough. And one year ago, a government offical went to the village and told the village that Christianity is not a bad thing and they should not reject christians.  Since then, her family, relatives and people in the village have started to embrace her and welcome her.

And during this recent lunch with her, she told us yet another great news…..Her father accepted Jesus into his life!!!!! All glory to our God…With man this is impossible, but nothing is impossible with our great God. Let us continue to pray for sister La that her whole family, relatives, and whole village will come to embrace our great God.

Would appreciate your prayers for:

1)      Good health for the whole family

2)      Sister Mei: That she will have some off time from work so we could meet her on regular basis to disciple her

3)      Sister La: Salvation upon her whole family, relatives and village

4)      Cassandra: for wisdom and strength as she starts homeschooling sierra and caring for Cassia at the same time

5)      For more and more opportunities to build relationship with the locals and sharing of the good news


In Christ Jesus our Lord,

Richard, Cassandra, Sierra, & Cassia

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