Happy 3rd birthday to my princess sierra

Dear sierra
A very very happy birthday to you!!!Cannot believe it, you are three years old today!!!!Thanks for being such a great daughter…I cannot imagine life without you.:)

This year is an adjustment for you with the arrival of your sister Cassia. Although initially you were upset that you needed to share your toys with your sister, but yet end of the day, you still share with her. Mummy really appreciate your willingness to share.

Mummy also very touched on many occasions when your sister had meltdown, you took the initiatives to lay by her side, tried every ways to comfort and calm her down. Moreover, the many times where you just played with your sister and made her burst into laughter!!!!Thanks my daughter for all you done for our family even at this young age:)

Next mummy is just so proud of you adjusting so well in school (when every mornings there were screaming and crying in the class)…mummy felt so lost when you first left for school. I wanted to just keep you at home as long as I can but I know is for your good to send you to school.Thanks for understanding:)

My dear daughter, I will continue to write a letter to you on each of your birthday, and I look forward to the day when you can read all these love letters from mummy:)I love you so much:)Being a m kid can be very challenging in many aspects, but I believe you will grow very well in every areas and these years in the field will be such wonderful memories to you!!!!Pa pa and ma ma with God’s strength and wisdom, will do our best to raise you to become a great woman that pleases God’s heart:)

Have a fantastic birthday my princess!!!:)