Sierra’s first day of school!!!!!

The day finally arrived when sierra has to go to school. Ma ma and pa pa are very concerned how our little one is going to cope with the new environment, especially in a all Chinese speaking environment.

The night before her school, I had hard time getting to sleep as so many things crossed my mind. I was thinking how sierra could tell the teacher if she needs go toilet? How is she going to communicate with the other kids?etc…I came to a point where I told myself I really need try get some sleep, and committed sierra into God’s hands knowing He will take care of sierra.

All of us ( including cassia) woke up at 7 am….trying to get sierra ready for school. Think she had quite a bit of anxieties too: She told Richard she wanted pancake for breakfast. Ric made for her and she said she don’t want. Instead she said she wanted oatmeal. We insisted she ate the pancake since she requested it. We offered jam on it, she said ok. The next second after we put some jam on it, she said she don’t want. Then we offered Nutella to go with pancake, she said yes. Again next moment she said no again…these went on for over 30mins. Finally ric got her to slowly finished her pancake .

After breakfast, we all set to leave for school:)As we approaching her class, saw many parents there with their kids. Loud crying and screaming could be heard!!!i was little concern if all these crying would affect sierra. We took her into the class, showed her around, introduced her to the teacher. So far so good. Then sat her down. There were some toys on the table and she started to play with them. Shortly after we told sierra we leaving and be back in few hours to pick her. She was ok and kissed us good bye!!!:) Phew, it went so smooth that I could hardly believe it:)Really thank God for that.

When Sierra came home, she was telling us what going on and she said she enjoyed school very much:)we just so happy to hear that:)

Thank God for such a smooth transistion, and continue to pray it will get better and better:) that sierra will make some great friends and be a light for God wherever she is:)