Summer snapshot

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”

Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

 Winter time might be a time of rest and hibernation but now in the summer life is quite busy. Here’s a few snapshots:

I (Richard) was asked to judge an English competition being held at a local cultural center. That & the starting time was all the info I received. Imagine my surprise when upon arrival I discovered that I was on a panel of 8 judges, was expected to ask each student a question about their lives, and in the end spent OVER FIVE HOURS judging students nearly 40 students!

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We have a business platform up here that is run by Andrew Webster and I. It’s been a busy busy summer so far. It is sometimes challenging as I occasionally need to travel overnight away from the family – or even several nights away. I am however thankful for the many beautiful places I’m able to see and enjoy. I’m regularly reminded that Creator God has done made the earth so marvelous in this area.

Mountain View

Life can be dangerous on the mountain roads and God’s protection is not something to be taken for granted. Used China-made vehicles tend to require a steady stream of maintenance to keep going. In the last couple of months I’ve had BOTH front headlights go out, requiring me to drive nearly two hours in the dark on winding mountain roads. Also last trip out during heavy rain (and traffic) both windshield wipers stopped working. I’m very thankful for God’s loving kindness, grace, and protection!

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I (Cassandra) have been pretty busy too with taking care of the kids and doing some homeschooling as well as holding down the fort at home especially on days when Richard needed to be away for work. It was very stretching the last few times with absolutely zero external help.

However thank God, this last month when Richard needed to be away for a longer period, we had a Korean girl (13years old) who’s having summer vacation come by for a few hours some days to help me with the kids. That was a great help to me, enabling me to run some errands, do some chores and even catch little rest at times. 🙂 God is always so good and provides the necessary help for me at just at the crucial time.

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 Oh yes, for few months now, myself and cassia, together with another mummy who has a girl almost same age as Cassia, have been enjoying a weekly playdate. I am very thankful to God for this weekly playdate time as the kids get to play with each other, and mummies get a chance to socialize, chat and fellowship.

I was also able to visit some local sisters who each had their own challenges in life, eg. Relationship, working life, starting business etc, to encourage, counsel, and just be there to listen to them. There is very little I can do, but to avail to God what I have and let Him multiply the works of my hands.

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 Our family is planning a trip to the USA this October. It’s been two years since our last visit and we want to introduce Cassia to her family in the States. Also my (Richard) Grandparents’ health is slowly growing poor and it’s important to spend some time with them. Finally our financial support is in need of increase. We’re planning extensive travel and hope to see God’s provision and guidance.

Please Pray:

  1. Continued safety and protection, especially on the mountain roads
  2. Grace, grace, and more grace for upcoming travel both to and inside of the U.S.
  3. Financial provision
  4. Further opportunities to advance God’s Kingdom
  5. Guidance for the future
  6. A reliable vehicle that we could use during our time in the U.S.


Your Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ,    

The Busch Family